Bill Pratt Photography

I moved to the Almonte area from Toronto in 1983.  My photographic mission is to travel to the more remote areas of Canada and bring back images that remind us all what a great country we have.


Canada’s magnificent, rugged landscape and harsh climate has shaped us as a people and instilled in us the values and the principles that we stand for.   I hope that the images of Canada presented here will remind you of the greatness of our country, and inspire your desire to keep it whole.


In celebrating Canada, I also hope to remind viewers of the importance of wilderness to humanity.  My experience of the world is that we are quickly losing our wilderness areas and that many of those areas still remaining are over run with tourists.  For now we are to some degree blessed here in Canada.  But all of us, no matter where we live, must be proactive if we wish the next generation to have the opportunities we have had to experience the personal grounding of natural environments.


I have been fortunate to photograph in other areas of the world as well: China, Ireland, Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard, the Falklands, South Georgia, the Antarctic Peninsula and East Africa.  Some of these areas have also been quite remote.  There is still some opportunity to stand alone out there.  To quietly photograph truly inspiring landscape and the unique behaviors of a variety of wildlife connects me to my true self.   It is in these moments - when experiencing the land or witnessing the connection between a mother and her cub – that I feel most grounded.


As I strive to improve my photography, two things have been particularly helpful to me:


1. Clearly answering the questions:

    ‘What am I trying to do?’ and

    ‘Why am I trying to do it?’


Answering these questions clarifies for me my ‘intentions’, whether I am reflecting on my overall photographic mission, the creation of a specific image or the presentation of a single image or set of images.  Clearer intentions lead to stronger results.


2. Participating regularly in small, committed, photographic groups whose members focus on critiquing each other’s work.  There is no need for an expert in these groups.  We learn from what moves us and in the viewing and discussion of the work of others, work that is often outside our own comfort zone.


I would like to thank all the photographers who I have had the privilege to spend time with over the years; you have helped me become the photographer I am today.


I hope you have enjoyed the images.  Thank you for your visit.


All images copyright 2017 Bill Pratt.  All rights reserved.